Frequently Asked Questions


In order to support the students financially during their course of study, there are different types of scholarships which are offered to students under certain conditions. Visit this link to get detailed information about these scholarships.
This program will allow you to conduct scientific research, publish the results and gain interdisciplinary study and teamworking experience, and also increase the depth of your knowledge in the core areas of computer engineering. With this program you will be able to work in research and development areas in the industry, as well as contribute to the world of science by gaining the know-how required for an advanced study.

You can use the knowledge and experience you gain from this program in all areas which require specialization.
A masters and a doctorate degree are required for an academic career. If you wish to pursue an academic career in this area, the knowledge and experience you’ll gain from this program will be very useful.

You can join this program in any semester, depending on the current quota allocated to the degree program.
In order to study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering PH.D program, the applicants are required to have graduated from "Electrical and Electronic Engineering", "Electrical Engineering", "Electronic Engineering", "Electronic and Communication Engineering", "Communication Engineering", "Control Engineering", "Biomedical Engineering", "Mechatronics Engineering", "Computer Engineering", "Software Engineering" and any other engineering programs and hold an undergraduate degree from "Physics" or similar undergraduate program. Foreign nationals need to have graduated from a higher education institution that is recognized by the Higher Education Board.
Can I attend both the Masters and the Doctorate program at the same time?
In order to graduate, you need  to take a minimum of 7 courses with a minimum of 21 local credits, and prepare a doctoral thesis. Please visit this link for more detailed information.
You need to obtain the scores specified below, or obtain a sufficient score in an internationally recognized foreign language exam deemed equivalent to exams approved by the Higher Education Board:
-          KPDS (Public Personnel Language Exam): 70
-          UDS (Interuniversity Foreign Language Exam): 70
-          YDS (Foreign Language Placement Exam): 70
-          IYS (Iue Proficiency in English Exam): 70

Please visit this link for more detailed information.