About Us

Urban built environment is transforming on local and global scale due to the advances in information and building technologies. The impact of this transformation on everyday life and on the quality of space calls for continual renewal of the architectural discourse and practice. The design discourse of the 20th century and the conventional methods and approaches which distinguish between architectural research and architectural design are not entirely valid for the architectural production of the 21st century. Architectural design practice should be structured anew as a process and method of research.

The Advanced Architectural Design Program at the Department of Architecture in Izmir University of Economics is a design-based-research program aimed at advancing the discourse on architecture through design work. Accordingly, the program offers a studio-based curriculum wherein the design studio is a research laboratory focused on advanced design thinking in three primary clusters:

  • Cultural and Social Dimension within Architectural Design
  • Information and Building Technologies in Architectural Design
  • Urban Environment in Architectural Design

The program is planned to span 4 semesters; minimum duration is 3 semesters, maximum duration is 6 semesters. The students will choose one of the following areas of expertise under the architectural discipline:

  • Critical Practices of Architectural Design
  • Advanced Technological Practices of Architectural Design
  • Building Science
  • Environmentally Conscious Practices of Architectural Design
  • Urban Design Practices in Architectural Design